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Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories was founded in the 1980's and is since spearheading professional international cosmetics and skincare as a renowned innovator. Thriving on novel and visionary research, robust development processes, advanced manufacturing methods, and reliable marketing of top-notch brands and products, the company constantly explores new and exciting ways to take professional cosmetics and skincare to the next level.



Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories was founded in 1984 by Zvi Dekel, a natural born entrepreneur, who decided to leverage his years of professional experience working in the cosmetics industry to launch his own line of products. Zvi's goal was to focus on result oriented products and to develop proprietary formulations based on active ingredients.

In 2012, Amir Dekel, Zvi's son, became acting CEO and has since been driving the company's successful global expansion into international markets, enhancing its product portfolio with international brands such as Neova and JEAN D’ESTREES.

This rapid growth was enabled due to significant expansion of the company's in-house R&D departments, by bringing in new and innovative equipment, by consolidating the company's deep-rooted partnerships, and by creating new, worldwide collaborations.

Over the years, Pharma Cosmetics has always had a keen eye for new and exciting possibilities, which led to purchasing and developing reliable and proliferous brands and revolutionary patented formulas, in its rigorous pursuit of ever improving high quality cosmetic and aesthetic solutions.


Pharma Cosmetics brands can be found around the globe, in over 50 countries, marketed by our distributors – or as we see them – our partners for success. To ensure each and every one of our clients get the perfect service and customer support they deserve we operate experienced and dedicated customer relations teams located in Tel-Aviv, Paris, and New-York.

Pharma Cosmetics is committed to innovation in the fields of skincare, cosmetics, and beauty, and operates in 3 levels of development towards that end:

  • Developing and establishing new strong brands

  • Learning about new developments and patents, and in some cases acquiring novel ideas

  • Manufacturing customized formulas for private labels

Pharma Cosmetics believes in business collaborations, as we foster our relationships with business partners of different kinds – physicians and dermatologists, international aesthetics experts, beauty salons, spas, distributors, leading cosmetic companies, and private labels, and see each of them as an essential partner for success.

Pharma Cosmetics' in-house R&D laboratories enable us to develop unique, scientific, result driven formulas, while implementing up-to-date research and using state-of-the-art equipment, all the while focusing on anti-aging and skin preservation endeavors pertaining to dermatology and medical aesthetics.

During its years of accumulated experience, Pharma Cosmetics has developed unique and proprietary blending technologies, botanical extracts, and oils to develop patented formulations thus expanding its diverse portfolio of formulas and solutions. One such example is the smart DNA CoFactor technology - patented formulas that deploy a potent blend of DNA repair enzymes, copper peptides, and antioxidants.

Pharma Cosmetics offers a wide range of brands and treatments suited for in-spa, professional, and home care skincare solutions.

Among Pharma Cosmetics' leading brands:

  • HL - is a cosmetics brand that predominantly focuses on facial and body skin solutions, while offering professional products for cosmetics and aesthetics experts alongside home products for home use.

  • Neova – The first American cosmetics brand to connect between beauty and science, forever changing the way women and men cared for their skin, while offering groundbreaking formulas.



Enjoying a firm global presence isn’t enough. Pharma Cosmetics goes to extreme lengths to retain its unique position in the international market by driving ingenuity and innovation and providing its worldwide clientele with the best solutions.

In short, we're aiming at:

  • Enhancing our in-house R&D departments even further

  • Constantly introducing new blending technologies, products, blends, and formulations thus continuing to lead the market

  • Fostering our global network of qualified professionals around the globe and engaging new strategic partners

  • Ensuring the best, most efficient, and most professional client service to customers all over the world

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