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NEOVA SmartSkincare is among the first clinical skin care brands to make the association between DNA damage and premature skin aging.  Inspired by the revolutionary science of cellular regeneration and groundbreaking DNA research, Neova patented formulas revitalize aging skin, making visible age reversal a virtual reality.

NEOVA’s medically acclaimed DNA CoFactor products boost the skin’s repair-and-protection levels to dramatically reduce the appearance of photoaging and improve overall skin appearance. Advanced Technologies Call for Advanced Delivery Systems Scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that DNA repair and CpC play fundamental roles in skin health. Neova products defend against the signs of skin DNA damage with the newest therapies and most powerful delivery systems available.


TRICOMIN Clinical is made by NEOVA SmartSkincare one of the first brands to fully understand the repairing power of copper. The range includes hair care products for men and women, formulated with Triamino Copper Complex™, to address the signs of thinning hair. 


A partnership with NEOVA and TRICOMIN offers partners of the aesthetics world

  • A rich portfolio of facial and hair care products based on the DNA CoFactor technology.

  • Patented formulas that deliver complete, optimized skin care solutions by combining DNA repair and Copper Peptide Complex [CpC] technologies.

An extensive range of unique formulas for the repair of sun-damaged skin & sunscreen formulas for preventing UV damage to the skin.

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